Pirate Princess Birthday Party

My little one recently turned 3. While I’m saddened by how quickly the time has just flown by since her birth I’ve been grateful for every single moment I’ve gotten to spend with her, and jumped at the opportunity to throw her a party to celebrate.

Back when I used to shop at Walmart I came across these cute party favor holders — a pirate ship and princess castle where the multiple little favor boxes make up the body of the castle and pirate ship. I had to get these unique little favor boxes so I decided to go with this theme. I mean, she liked princesses, so why not add some pirates so that her friends who are boys can enjoy the party, too?

Decorations & Food

Fast forward to this year, and the idea is actually panning out, because now she loves the show Jake and The Neverland Pirates — Yes! So I picked up all the clearance section banners, plates, coins, and decorations I could find (along with mostly full-price items). I bought platters for both the princess and the pirate side of the feasting table, and all the fixings for savory and sweet pirate and princess food. Though cheese fondue and chocolate fondue aren’t the healthiest options, I tried to use “healthy” ingredients, and went with organic Annie’s bunny gummies for the table, too, along with a lovely cheese assortment, Spring salad, and edamame.

I added a treasure chest of drinks on the buffet table with “Pirate Juice” (apple juice) in a growler for an authentic pirate look, then opted for bundtlets instead of cupcakes or making an elaborate fondant cake (I tried that for the first birthday party).


I set up some crafts and drawing stations for the little party guests, as well as a play area, and treasure hunt with several treasure chests to be found (with bouncy balls, pirate notebooks, bracelets, and such).

The party turned out great and everyone had a lot of fun. What’s your favorite birthday party theme?

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