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8 Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for New Moms-to-Be

Figuring out what to gift expecting moms for the holidays doesn’t have to be tricky. Take a break from gifting just baby clothes and check out these thoughtful holiday gifts for new moms-to-be instead! The best part? They can all be bought online!

All opinions are genuine and mine alone (I don’t include items I haven’t reviewed). This post contains affiliate links so if you buy something I may earn a small commission (at no cost to you).

Pregnant woman in woods using The Birth Sling

Labor support

Gifting The Birth Sling to expecting moms is kind of like gifting a labor support team — the sling can be hooked onto a door or tree, or mounted to the ceiling and used to support soon-to-be moms as they work through their labor waves. The Birth Sling was created by Dr. Jess Michaels, Osteopath and birth Worker, to encourage upright and active birth which offers quicker birthing (no matter the birthing location). Place The Birth Sling on mom’s chest, belly, or even hips (with help) — wherever she needs the cocoon of support.

mrs push mama bracelet

Sentimental jewelry

What’s more sentimental than a gorgeous 14K yellow gold mama bracelet given to the expecting mom for the holidays? This dainty bracelet can be layered or worn solo throughout pregnancy and postpartum for a thoughtful reminder of how amazing she is.

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simple wishes pregnancy dress

Comfortable clothes

If you’re looking for a beautiful dress — with pockets! —that looks and feels amazing on any expecting mama and can be used in postpartum while pumping /breastfeeding/body feeding, look no further! The Stela Nursing Dress from Simple Wishes is one of my favorite options for new mamas-to-be because it’s so cozy and has room to grow as the baby grows.

AirDoctor gift for new moms-to-be

Healthy air

Did you know that according to the EPA, indoor air can be up to 100X more polluted than outdoor air? Gifting an AirDoctor to new expecting moms helps prevent and decrease airborne allergens, viruses, mold, and other pollutants. AirDoctor’s sealed system means it traps pollutants via its’ UltraHEPA® Filter and Dual ActionCarbon/Gas Trap/Voc Filter without them getting out so your family can have the peace of mind that comes with healthier air quality.

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totter and tumble yoga mat for expecting parents

Supportive cushion

Totter & Tumble runners are the thickest, squishiest, most supportive workout mat I’ve ever seen, making them the best option for any expecting parent to use for birth prep workouts or on all fours during labor when working through the big transition to birthing time.

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Chiyo postpartum meal service

Postpartum meals

A meal train, freezer meals, or a postpartum meal delivery service is always a wonderful gift for expecting parents. The first few months after a new baby is born can be a haze, leaving parents completely lost on what to do by the time they remember that they need to eat something. By ordering a postpartum meal service, the new mom-to-be in your life will have her freezer full of nourishing meals to enjoy as needed when the time comes, making meals one less thing the new family has to stress about. Chiyo offers meals created specifically for the unique nutritional needs of expecting and postpartum parents to offer a sort of food medicine and promote better nutrient absorption and healing.

Discount: Use code NPCCTRIAL for a free Chiyo trial! I guarantee you’ll want to try the 6-week program.

pregnant mom postpartum prep

Postpartum prep

The pregnancy journey doesn’t end at birth! During the Complete Postpartum Prep Program expecting families learn from 12+ experts about the changes that occur emotionally, physically, and mentally during postpartum. Families also learn coping tools and the resources for a solid starting foundation to build on after birth. Be sure to also check out all the amazing breastfeeding education via The 12 Days of Breastfeeding Summit Recordings and the FamSummit Recordings (covering pregnancy through the first 5 years of life).

simple wishes cardigan expecting mom

Cozy Cardigan

I always recommend new mamas have a soft bathrobe on hand for immediate postpartum when they have their baby and since testing out Simple Wishes’ Carolina Fleece Nursing Cardigan, I have to say THIS is the one you get. Carolina Fleece Nursing Cardigan is soft and comfortable like a robe but lightweight, stretchy, and cozy like a cardigan. The fact that the cardigan has pockets and the option to tie it at the waist (or not) is another reason I’m a fan. Gift this cardigan to the mama-to-be in your life for her to enjoy all winter long while pregnant and then use to cuddle up with her little one once they’re born.

8 Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for New Moms-to-Be

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